Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hollywood Stars Sans Makeup : real life and after makeup

Stars and make up generally go hand in hand. Millions of fans of various stars are totally in awe of them, simply due to the look that they sport on screen.
However, how many stars would be able to pull off a fan following as much as their screen representations in real life without makeup?
Well as far as Hollywood is concerned the list is pretty long. Let’s find out the top beauties in Hollywood who can look as ravishing and stunning off screen sans make up in no particular order-
Angelina Jolie: Angie baby has it all the looks, the oomph factor and the great skin that any woman would give her right hand to posses. This Hollywood star has the perfect look and even without makeup she exudes the same radiance and charm that would have millions of fans eating out of her hands without a hitch.
Kate Winslet: This Brit actress had the world at her feet when she appeared in the blockbuster Titanic as the beautiful Rose. However, in real life, her radiant smile is more than enough to send a thousand hearts a fluttering not to forget her porcelain clean skin. This star has it all with or without makeup.
Scarlett Johansson: This star has the oomph factor on and off screen and has the look of a drop dead gorgeous beauty that could actually prove the saying looks to kill to the hilt. Scarlett has more than what is called beauty. Her natural flawless skin has the star looking as fresh as ever even without the layers of makeup.
Salma Hayek: This Mexican beauty has a natural flair for looking as sensuous and as beautiful in real life as she does on screen. This is one star that is simply adored for her ravishing features and a great crop of hair which are enough to turn heads even when she is spotted just hanging around without makeup.
Well the list can simply go on and on but that would be probably next time. For now celebrating these beauties would surely suffice their fans who just can’t get enough of their favorite stars!
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